What is the difference between the Needak® rebounder and others?
Needak® is a manufacturer of rebounders -- and rebounders are the ONLY thing we manufacture.  
Models available through discount stores or marketing/promotion companies are imported.  We have
control over all aspects of production -- they get the most inexpensive model they can (Generally quality
is not an issue with marketers, only price).
Why is your rebounder "round" instead of some other shape?
The round design is the best because it places even stress force upon all components.  As you
rebound, the same force is applied to the mat, springs, and frame in front of you, behind you, and on
either side of you.
Any design involving a corner (square, octagon, etc.) forces those springs in the corners to absorb
unequal impact and they tend to break more frequently than the springs along the straight sides which
do not flex as much.
What are the dimensions and specifications?
40.00 in
Surface Diameter:
28.50 in
Folded Size: Non-folding
40 x 40 x 2.5 in
Folding model:
40 x 20 x 4.5 in
10.00 in
Package Weight:
31.00 lbs
25.00 lbs
Package Size: Non-folding:
41 x 41 x 2.5 in
41 x 21 x 4.5 in
Mini aerobic
Maximum User Weight:
300 lbs
Rebounding Surface:
Permatron® mat
Rebounding, Resistance
Number of Springs:
Frame Construction:
Safety Elements:
Protective spring cover,
Reinforced mat, Spring
mounting pins
Frame Pad Cover:
Protective spring cover
Support Legs:
6 Steel, Rubber tipped
Made In:
Jogging Handle:
Accessory, Not included
Mat Cleats:
American "Bullhorn" Steel
Hinge (Folding Model):
Securely attached with a
high tec welding process
Needak Soft-Bounce Rebounder
Needak Soft-Bounce Rebounder
New Close Fitting 'Bullhorn' Cleat
New Close Fitting Cleat
Hinge on the folding unit is securely welded
to the frame.
Why is your Soft-bounce spring better than other types of springs for rebounding?
Needak® Mfg. innovated the Soft-bounce spring which absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each
bounce.  This is due to the unique barrel shape of the spring.  The diameter of the coils increases as
you move toward the center of the spring.
There are generally 2 types of springs found on imported rebounders.  The
classic spring found on low-end imported rebounders is a shorter spring
and tends to be very stiff.  A few imports use a spring that looks like our
Soft-Bounce™ spring.

Fact:  Springs will break.  Common sense tells you that if you flex metal, it
will eventually break.  We do not make exaggerated or unfounded claims
about our springs.  It would surprise you how many people come to us for
springs and relate stories of dissatisfaction with marketing companies
who told them things such as, "Our springs never break, that is why we
don't carry them in stock.  You obviously misused your rebounder to cause
breakage." If you get the benefits out of a rebounder, spring replacement is
an inexpensive maintenance item.
Needak Barrel Shaped
Spring vs. Low-end Imported
Rebounder Spring
How does Needak Rebounders compare with the Asian imports?
Needak® insists on producing the highest quality rebounder.  Our price may be a few dollars more, but
you get a rebounder that will provide many years of service and is more gentle on your body.  If it doesn't
have the Needak label on it, you can be almost 100% certain it is an Asian import.

    (For the purposes of this comparison we are examining the ReboundAIR® rebounder)
Non-Fold and ½ Fold
Non-Fold and ½ Fold2
¼ Fold2
Type of company
Manufacturer with
direct retail sales
Marketing/Promotional Company
Country of manufacture
United States     
Various Asian countries     
Years in production
16th year of continuous
rebounder production
ReboundAIR® label has
been applied to units from
various manufacturers
since 1994 and the current
rebounder has been
available since Dec. 2001.  
Other marketers may
change source more often.
ReboundAIR® introduced
this latest experimental
version in June, 2002.  
Three previous
evolutions of this design
have been sold by them.  
All failed to endure in the
real world when released
to the public.
40 inch diameter-
American Steel
40 inch diameter-Some models use Steel others use
brittle plastic  
(ReboundAIR® frame flaws)
American Steel
Overall rebounder
height is 10 inches
Test unit legs are made of Aluminum
Overall rebounder height is 11 inches
Leg Tips
Synthetic rubber.   
Shorter design puts
more rubber where
it's needed.   Doesn't
fall off the leg.
Weighs the same as the Needak® leg tip (1.7oz).  
Same diameter as Needak® tip, but concave design
allows uneven wear.  
(Comparison photo)
Permatron (Mat separation flaw)
Needak® pioneered the
4¼ inch Soft-Bounce™
configuration in 1992.
Others have attempted to duplicate
Needak®'s spring design.
Time Tested design
with no failures. For your
safety, hinges are
securely  attached with
a high tech welding
Not secured to frame.  
Attached with a bolt.  Could
result in catastrophic failure
and collapse of rebounder
and injury.
Plastic, held together
with screws or bolts
(Plastic Hinge)
Spring Cover
Industrial nylon
(packcloth weave)
resists tearing.  
Designed with
folding in mind.
Old style vinyl.
Cracking and tears a
common complaint
Does not have one!  
Danger to user’s toes
and children’s fingers.  
See for yourself!
25 pounds
between 28 and 32 pounds depending on model
Manufacturer's Warranty
Best available today
See details below.
Asian manufacturer(s) unknown.   
Marketing/Promotional company warranty.
Frame Warranty
Lifetime of
original purchaser
"Lifetime"3 of rebounder
Mat Warranty
Unlimited replacement
for 5 years if mat
should fail.
ReboundAIR®2 will replace only 1 mat
Spring Warranty
Unlimited replacement
of broken springs for
2 years.
ReboundAIR®2 will replace up to 36 springs
Warranty Weight Limit
300 pounds.  Needak
offers unadvertised
options for those
requiring additional
weight resistance.
300 pounds
400 pounds.  Frame
failed in less than 60
days with use by
individual weighing less
than 200 pounds.
View frame
Replacement Parts
New OEM parts always
in stock and are easy
for the user to install.
Since ReboundAIR® is not
a manufacturer, availability
varies.  Needak® parts
often fit ReboundAIR®
Some parts are not easily
 serviceable by the user.  
Others cannot be
replaced and require the
entire unit be retired.
Endorsed by Albert
See Al Carter
demonstrating and
selling a Needak®
Mr. Carter understandably endorses whatever
rebounder his marketing company is currently selling
Recommended by Dr.
Morton Walker
Yes, see
Jumping For Health"
from The Townsend
Letter For Doctors
Always in stock since
we are a manufacturer
Depends on delivery schedule of Asian
manufacturer, ocean shipping delays, etc.
Via UPS.  Almost always
sent within 1 business
day.  UPS e-mail tracking
Info that gives estimated
delivery date to you.
Delivery time varies with service.
Actual shipping time depends on stock availability.
Supporting Materials
Largest selection of
videos and books on
rebounding available
1)  The Quarter folding rebounder design has several serious flaws which cannot be overcome by fancy engineering or trendy
materials.  In the interest of consumer safety, Needak does not produce a Quarter fold rebounder.

2)  Taken from ReboundAIR® marketing materials July, 2003.  Correspondence by an independent surveyor regarding
clarification of details and specifications of ReboundAIR® rebounders and their programs remains unanswered.

3)  "Fine print" of the ReboundAIR® warranty severely restricts the "marketing hype".

ReboundAIR is a registered trademark and Ultimate-Rebound is a trademark of the American Institute of Reboundology, Orem, UT.

Needak is a registered trademark  and Soft-Bounce is a trademark of Needak Manufacturing, O'Neill, NE.

All photographs and test results are the product of testing and examination conducted on a ReboundAIR® rebounder in
June/July, 2003 by Needak Mfg.  Comparisons are made with average production rebounder test results of Needak Mfg.
production line units.  All of the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based on statements found in
ReboundAIR® promotional materials, direct observation, and sources deemed to be reliable.  This page is provided for
informational purposes only.
How soon will my order ship?
FAST!  Needak® Mfg. ships most orders within 1 or 2 days of receipt.

When can I expect my package to arrive?
Needak® Mfg. ships packages to the continental US via United Parcel Service ground delivery  (unless
you have requested an expedited shipping method).  As you know, UPS® is very fast and accurate.  If you
have supplied an e-mail address, UPS® will notify you of the tracking number of your package and the
projected delivery date.
What is the warranty on the Needak Soft-Bounce Rebounder?
In manufacturing the Needak® rebounder we insist that only the best materials and workmanship
available be used. This assures us that the Needak® rebounder will be the best, from the standpoints of
design, performance, and durability. Consequently, each rebounder comes with a limited warranty as
expressed below:

Residential Use: Needak® Mfg guarantees the following items to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for the periods indicated:
    Frame, frame hinges, platform pins, leg springs, and legs     LIFETIME
    Mat, mat cleats, and spring pins   five (5) years
    Mat springs, leg tips, and safety spring cover     two (2) years

Commercial Use: Needak® Mfg guarantees the following items to be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for the periods indicated:
    Frame and frame hinges five (5) years
    Mat five (5) years
    All other parts one (1) year

It is normal for springs to need occasional replacement. However, if needed, we will provide replacement
springs for your Needak® rebounder FREE for the stated period from the date of its purchase.

This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only. It is valid as long as the user’s weight is not in
excess of 300 pounds. Any and all other guarantees or warranties, expressed, implied, written, or
otherwise stated will not be recognized by Needak® Mfg.

While every attempt is made to embody the highest degree of protection in all equipment, we cannot,
however, guarantee freedom from injury. The user assumes all risk of injury due to use. All merchandise
is sold on this condition.
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