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Ageless Answer Skin Renewal Cream 4 oz.
Ageless Answer Skin Revitalizing Cream is a nourishing and antioxidant-rich skin food. It is formulated from naturally derived ingredients, and is a naturally preserved formula designed by Gary Null in accordance with his natural living philosophy.

Ageless Answer Skin Renewal Cream
* Improves Moisture and Hydration
* Reduces Fine Lines
* Augments Firmness and Smooth Wrinkles
* Increases Cell Turnover
* Protects from Free Radical Damage
* Soothes and Heals

State of the Art Delivery System
Liposome encapsulation of selective active ingredients provides numberous benefits:
- Superior penetration
- Sustained release
- Reduction in irritation
- Maximum utilization of given ingredient
- Protection of actives from metabolic impact

Directions of How to Use Ageless Answer:
1) Wash face and neck with warm water and gentle Heavenly Facial Cleanser, pat dry.
2) When time allows, give yourself a spa like treatment with Heavenly Skin Masque.
3) Massage a thin layer of Ageless Answer Skin Renewal Cream all over face including the areas around the eyes, mouth, and neck.

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