Get Healthy and Fit with Our In-Home Exercise Program
For the body to function well, it is vital that we live a healthy lifestyle – regular exercise, proper diet
and a positive outlook.  In these busy times, it is not as easy as it sounds - finding time to exercise,
making healthy diet choices and handling the stress we encounter on a daily basis.
Ted Johnson
I started my company, Complete Health Network with the belief
that individuals can take a proactive approach to promote their
own good health.  We are a leading provider of health and fitness
programs.  After years of working with clients, we have created an
in-home personal training program that can make a difference in
your overall health.  Whether you want to lose weight, increase
strength or improve your stamina, the fitness workouts are
custom designed for you.  The combination of aerobic, flexibility
and strength exercises will help you look and feel better.
Ted Johnson
Complete Health Network
Custom Health & Fitness Program
Our in-home programs are custom designed to help you reach
your goals.  We start with a comprehensive assessment, review
of your schedule, exercise preferences and goals.  I will
personally develop an exercise program that is custom designed
for you.  The fitness routines will work with the space and
equipment that you already have or we can provide you with the
necessary items.  The program will be scientifically proven to
meet your fitness goals and fit your schedule.

Making the Right Diet Choices
With all of the fad diets, processed foods and misleading labels
and information, it can be difficult to stay on a healthy track.   In
addition to the exercise program, clients receive our Resource
Guide that contains a healthy diet plan, recipes, shopping tips,
articles and studies on a variety of important health topics.  There
is also a  section to review your goals and track your progress.  
The valuable information will help you make healthier choices
and reach your goals faster.
Custom Exercise Programs
Make Healthy Diet Choices
Getting Started
There are numerous benefits to regular exercise – burns calories,
improves your mood, boosts energy levels, strengthens the heart,
relieves stress, improves joint range of motion, better sleep,
improves cholesterol levels, strengthens muscles and much more.

You can experience these benefits with our Complete Health &
Fitness Program.

If you would like to find out more about this unique in-home
program, please complete the form below to contact us.  We can
discuss your goals and our program first by phone.  We are
currently providing individual health and fitness programs to people
in Princeton, New Jersey area.

The consultation to discuss your goals and further explain this
custom program is free and there is no obligation.  Your health is
important.  Now is the time to get started.
Time to Get Fit
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