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Fitness Trainer Ted Johnson Gives a Demonstration on
How to Exercise on a Rebounder - Mini-Trampoline
Jump Into Shape - Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder
The up and down movements from rebounding exercises
all the cells in the body.

Our lymphatic system has no pump to move lymph
fluid - it only moves with when we move.  Exercising on  a
rebounder is especially beneficial for the movement
of the lymph fluid.

A variety of different of exercises can be performed
on a rebounder:

- Health Bounce
- Jogging or Running
- Weights for Upper Body
- Skiing
- Abdominal Exercises

Rebounding works for all levels of fitness.

Click here for a beginner's workout routine on the routine
for increasing circulation and toning the muscles.
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Rebounder Demonstration
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