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David Sandoval is an internationally renowned lecturer, author, educator 
on the subject of life extension and authority on whole-food nutrition.

 David Sandoval

David Sandoval

    The Healing Miracle of Green Foods  Audio CD

The Healing Miracle of Green Foods Audio CD

For over 20 years, Dave Sandoval has researched and studied alongside the most recognized industry leaders from around the world.  He is an Ann Wigmore inspired devote of the "living foods" lifestyle, which believe plants have been imparted with unique healing properties.

What began as a quest to save family members' health became a passion to help impact thousands of lives throughout the world.  He has spread this message across Asia, Europe, and the United States through his unrelenting desire to help people improve their quality of life and achieve maximum longevity while remaining free of disease.

His audio book, The Healing Miracle of Green Foods has been translated into many languages and untold thousands of copies distributed worldwide.  And this book, The Green Food Bible: Everything You Need to Know about Barley Grass, Wheatgrass, Kamut, Chlorella, Spirulina and More, is the definitive guide about the world's most nutritious foods.

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This comprehensive 40-minute program shows how green foods are the basis for life on earth and the lack of green foods is the most common denominator in people who suffer from disease.  Learn about the scientific validation showing green foods heal the body.

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