Junk Food Found to Trigger Addiction Responses Just Like Smoking or Drugs

According to a study, having junk food has been found to be as addictive as smoking or taking heroin.

A study says that obsession to junk food can cause habitual eating and lead to obesity.

This American study has, for the first time, found that the human brain might respond in the same way to junk food as it does to drugs.

American researchers discovered that a diet of chips, burgers and sausages programs the human brain to long for more sugar, salt and high fat food.

According to researchers at Scripps Research Institute, Florida, lab rats were given a diet full of burgers, chips and sugar loaded snacks. They soon became exceptionally dependent on them and declined to consume healthy food.

Junk Food Found to Trigger Addiction Responses

However, it was observed that huge intake of high calorie foods does prompt addiction-type of reactions in the brain.

Dr. Paul Kenny led the study and the results came out in the clinical journal Nature Neuroscience.

On the other hand, numerous study projects have found a link between unhealthy eating habits and depression, emotional problems and other psychological influences.

The Scripps Research Institute