Ultra Ceramic Filter


Ultra Ceramic Filter

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The Ultra-Ceramic filter now has an upgarded carbon block that can take out VOC's and HAAs. This is an upgrade filter fits the Doulton and Slimeline stye housings. This filter has 200x more bacteria reduction and improved chlorine reduction compared to the Doulton ceramic filter. 

Please note that because the Ultra-Ceramic has a smaller pore size, the flow rate will be approximately 20-30% slower than the standard multi-stage ceramic filter. This also allows for more contact time with the pores to remove bacteria and parasites, and more contact time with the carbon block to remove more chemicals and disinfection by-products.

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Replacing Filter:
Filter should be replaced every 6-12 months for maximum contaminant reduction.  
Cleaning the filter pro-longs the life of the filter and reduces operational costs.

Key Features:

  • Sub-Micron Particulate Reduction @ 0.3 Microns
  • Enhanced Parasite and Bacteria Removal
  • Reduced Turbidity and Bad Taste
  • Easy to clean and replace
  • Ceramic Filter meets NSF Standard 42
  • Bacteriostatic to inhibit re-growth of bacteria
  • THM and HAA Reduction

Ultra-Ceramic Contaminant Reduction Results:
Performance Data For Ultra-Ceramic Filter

Parasites & Bacteria
Lead @ 150 ppb
Chlorine @ 2 ppm
Particulates @ 0.5 microns
Bad taste & Odor

Reduction Results
>99%, 500 gallons**
>99%, 1000+ gallons**
Class I

*The ceramic filter was tested at an independent laboratory, ALCONTROL Laboratories in the UK. The filter was challenged with a total of > 60 million E.Coli bacteria.
**Tested at Pace Analytical Laboratory to NSF/ANSI Protocol
The contaminants tested are not necessarily present in all users water. Further, percentage of reduction will vary over the life of the filter based on the level of contaminants found in your water supply. These filters were not intended for use where water is microbiologically unsafe.