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Get Healthy and Fit with Our Online Training Program

For the body to function well, it is vital that we live a healthy lifestyle – regular exercise, proper diet and a positive outlook. In these busy times, it is not as easy as it sounds - finding time to exercise, making healthy diet choices and handling the stress we encounter on a daily basis.

Our online training program is custom designed for you to get healthy and fit. The combination of aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises will give you a complete body workout right in your own home. The fitness routines will work with the space and equipment that you have already. 

With all of the fad diets, processed foods and misleading labels and information, it can be difficult to stay on a healthy track. Clients receive our Nutrition Guide that contains a healthy diet plan, recipes, shopping tips, and information on a variety of important health topics.


Online  Personal Training Program Includes

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Healthy Salad
  • Custom Exercise Program
    We workout live one-on-one giving you exactly what to do - exercise by exercise. The workouts will change as you progress toward your goals and as your physique changes.

  • Goal Setting
    Specific goal with a deadline along with consistent motivation and support.


  • Nutrition
    A diet evaluation and complete nutrition plan will make the difference in your overall results.


  • Assessments
    Ongoing assessments to measure your success

Schedule a Consultation

We will discuss your goals, strengths and weaknesses so I can share specifically how our online training program can work for you. We can also cover a postural and flexibility assessment, a movement analysis and a mini workout. 

Ted Johnson


Ted Johnson has over eighteen years exerience as a personal trainer. He works with individuals creating effective exercise programs based on the client’s needs and goals.

Started Complete Health Network with the belief that individuals can take a proactive approach to promote their own good health.

Facilitor of health support groups creating complete wellness programs designed to help members improve their overall health.

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