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Get Healthy, Get Fit


Healthy and Fit Boot Camp in Princeton, NJ is a challenging exercise program designed to get you into great shape.

In our workouts, we stretch, push, reach, pull, jump, crunch, lunge, curl, lift, jog, row, press, hold, dip, squat, run - many of these in the same session. The group workouts are tailored so every fitness level can participate.

The human body is an amazing machine. We have over 600 muscles and 213 bones. Our circulatory system (arteries, veins and capillaries) is about 600,000 miles long.The blood vessels in the brain alone is over 100,000 miles.The human body is designed to move. We are at our healthiest when we are active on a regular basis.

Even despite the fact that exercise is good for us, reports continue show that over half of the adults in the US are not physically active.  We now know from studies that inactivity is a health risk just like smoking or a poor diet.  The old saying is true: if you don't move it, you'll lose it.

  • Strengthen and Tone Muscles

  • Lose Body Fat

  • More Overall Definition

  • Improve Flexibility

  • Improve Circulation​

  • Boost Energy Levels

  • Increase Metabolism

  • Relieve Stress

Healthy Eating Is Part of the Plan
Even with the best exercise program, you cannot be truly healthy if your diet is poor. With all of the fad diets, processed foods and misleading labels and information, it can be difficult to eat a healthy diet. In addition to the exercise program, members receive nutritional counseling and our Resource Guide that contains a healthy diet plan, recipes, shopping tips, and information on a variety of important health topics. This valuable guide will help you make healthier choices and reach your goals faster.


Ana T

I'm halfway through my third month in the program now, and the results have exceeded my expectations: I have lost 20 lbs. since I started (including 3.5 inches of fat off my waist during the first month alone!), I'm sleeping better and waking up without neck and back pain, and I'm even running again after eight years of virtual inactivity.


Tara P

The boot camp was an awesome motivator. It kept me very focused on my goals. The new workouts were challenging enough so I didn't get bored; yet not so challenging that I ever got discouraged. I lost a pant size and became more defined; took my fitness to its highest level -- I reached my goal of running a half marathon!


Carolyn F

I have never felt better since doing this boot camp workout three times per week. I’m now in my 12th week and have seen tremendous improvement in 
my speed, endurance and strength.  The workouts are always different and very creative. The workouts are tailored by each person’s ability. I highly recommend Healthy and Fit Boot Camp to anyone who wants to get fit and is dedicated to making changes through exercise and diet.

Get Healthy, Get Fit

Are you ready to get healthy? Are you ready to get fit?  
Join Healthy and Fit Boot Camp and get ready to reach your goals.  Space is limited so everyone in our class gets individual attention.  
Don't miss out on getting in top shape.

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