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Bath Tub Filter - White

Bath Tub Filter - White

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.50Sale Price

Now you can take a bath and not leave with dry or irritated skin. The Bath Tub Filter safely removes chlorine, hypochlorus acid, dirt and odors, and also infuses natural minerals into your bath water for smoother skin. Installation only takes seconds and is ready to use immediately. 


The remarkable Bath Tub Filter units work best in warm or hot water, utilizing a new ion exchange resin called "Chlorgon" to effectively reduce not only chlorine, but lead, particulates, iron, rust, dirt, and other contaminants. 

  • Includes:

    • 1 Bath Tub Filter
    • 1 Bath Tub Filter Pre-Installed
    • Hook Up Velcro Harness
    • All Instructions
  • Specifications:

    • Universal Detachable Harness
    • Fits Most Tub Faucets
    • Replacement Cartridge Life: 3-6 months or 50 baths
    • NSF Certified for Standard 177
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