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Bounce Before You Jump


The first true "How-to" video for rebounding. Learn the ABC's of proper rebounding technique and get more out of your rebound experience. Linda Brooks, author of "Rebounding to Better Health," and the Director of the Vitally Yours Center for Cellular Health will teach you:


  • How to stand on the rebounder
  • Proper rebound posture
  • How to bounce, jump, and do aerobic movements safely and effectively
  • When to utilize each movement
  • How and when to combine the movement
  • Rebounding for therapy, weight loss, seniors, sports, and aerobics
  • How to use the stabilizing bar effectively

Bounce Before You Jump is a great introductory video for the first time rebounder. Create routines that fit your needs and enjoyment. Linda provides short workouts for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.