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Carol's Health Bounce


A very different video for a Healthy Alternative in exercise rebounding!


Developed by an actress/flight attendant who credits rebounding for reducing her own symptoms of arthritis fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome by ninety percent.

Here is a synopsis of the video:

  • An interview with two doctors and Carol on the benefits of rebounding.
  • A four minute "Health Bounce"* for beginners which also serves as a warm up for the high energy workout.
  • A twelve minute high energy aerobic workout. (Three four minute routines, blending into each other).
  • Four more minutes of the "Health Bounce" to cool down.

* The "Health Bounce" is a very light, effortless bounce designed to help stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and to increase muscular-skeletal strength, and coordination. If you just do the "Health Bounce" portions of the video twice (eight minutes), or several times a day, you will begin to strengthen every muscle, bone, and cell in your body.


The high energy workout is a progressive workout that is designed to eliminate high cholesterol, body fat, degenerative bone diseases, and injuries associated with aerobic IMPACT exercises. The movements are fast, the music is fun, and the whole work out is exceptionally invigorating.


Just TEN minutes of this high energy workout on your rebounder will provide you with approximately the same benefits that you would receive from jogging on the road for THIRTY minutes -

** Minus the jarring effects to your nervous skeletal systems. Rebounding is a NON-IMPACT aerobic form of exercise.