Imperial VOC Removal Filter

Imperial VOC Removal Filter

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The VOC Removal Filter removes Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) that are produced from industrial sources or chlorination by-products, and are adsorbed more effectively into the coconut based activated carbon media. The filter is rated for chlorine reduction at 90% at 1 ppm and VOC reduction > 95% at 1 ppm for up to 500 gallons. 

  • Replacing Filters

    Filter should be replaced every 6-12 months for maximum contaminant reduction.
    For families of 3+, filters should be changed every 6 months. 
    Pro-longing filter usage could potentially expose you to contaminants in your drinking water.

  • VOC Removal Contaminant Results:

    Chlorine/Taste and Odor @ 1 ppm >90% for 6,000 gallons
    Chloroform Reduction @ 0.5 ppm >95% for 500 gallons
    Particulate Reduction 5 Microns
    VOCs >95% for 500 gallons


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