Needak Soft-Bounce Folding Rebounder with Stabilizing Bar - Black (Canada)

Needak Soft-Bounce Folding Rebounder with Stabilizing Bar - Black (Canada)


Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder with Stabilizing Bar


40" diameter frame, 10" tall and equipped with the Needak Soft-Bounce Springs.  The Needak Soft-Bounce Folding Rebounder allows you to fold it in half. The folding unit is just as strong and stable as the non-folding rebounder with the added versatility of true portability.


A stabilizing bar is included with this unit.

  • Additional Items You Receive with Your Rebounder

    In addition to the high quality Needak Rebounder you will receive at no extra charge:

    • DVD on rebounding technique ($19.95)
    • DVD Immune System by Albert Carter ($19.95) - This prolific rebounding promoter explains immune system functioning and demonstrates the Needak rebounder.
    • Lubrication Pack ($2.49)
    • Article by Dr. Tina Wellman from the Total Health ($1.00)
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