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Sneider's Perfect Rebounding Workout

Sneider's Perfect Rebounding Workout


Dr. Harry Sneider, PhD has been involved in athletics and fitness all of his life. He is a world champion weightlifter and along with wife Sarah, coach and train professional and world class athletes and movie stars. Dr. Sneider has also authored the popular Olympic Trainer book for training in specific sports.


Let the Sneiders lead you through their simple system called "Resistive Rebounding." Rebounding combined with the Sneiders' "Resistive Rebounding" program provides a workout suitable for all ages.


This program improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength, coordination, sports skills, and much more. It is a safe low impact total fitness program that helps reduce stress, lower elevated cholesterol, and encourages weight loss while reducing compression to the joints up to 70%. Join them today!


This new 25th Anniversary Edition also offers 2 new exercise routines for the latest in fitness.

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