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Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter - UltraGrav Metalgon Water Filter

Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter - UltraGrav Metalgon Water Filter


Produce safe, clean, drinking water from any source using the UltraGrav Metalgon Water Filter. The unit is designed for use where pressurized and/or suitable portable water is not available. Also, the unit can be utilized for daily drinking water in your home.


The UltraGrav Water Filter uses state of the art Ceramic micro-filtration and the new Fluoride/Heavy Metal/Chemical reducing media, MetalgonTM.


The Combined filter technologies efficiently remove bacteria, parasites, chlorine, chloramine, chemicals, sediment, debris, turbidity, bad taste and odor.


Uses gravity to push water through the filters to supply thousands of gallons of clean, safe drinking water from any fresh water source. The water is then stored in the lower chamber ready for use. A tap is provided to draw filtered water.


The unit can hold up to 2 gallons of water in the top and lower chambers. For continued use, the top chamber is refilled, with source water. The unit is supplied with 4 filters.

  • Unit Dimensions and Specifications:

    Filter Capacity : Up to 4 Standard filters
    Water Production : 1/4 gallons/hour per filter
    Water Capacity : 2.0 Gallons Upper Reservoir 2.0 Gallons Lower Reservoir
    Operating Temperature : 40-100 Degrees F
    Dimensions (telescoped) : 8.5" W x 13.5" H
    Dimensions (assembled) : 8.5 W x 19.5" H

  • Filter Reduction Results:

    Bacteria/Parasites >99.99
    Sediment 100% @ 0.5 microns
    Chloramine @3 ppm >99%
    Chlorine @ 3 ppm >99%
    VOCs >98%
    Lead @ 150 ppb >99%
    Aluminum, Iron, Mercury, Nickel, Zinc >98%
    Flouride (all types) 0.8 ppb >92%
    Glyphosate >99.9%
    Pharmaceuticals >95%
    Herbicides >95%

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