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UltraGrav Ceramic with Metalgon™ Replacement Filter


Travel and UltraGrav Emergency Ceramic with Metalgon Replacement Filter

The UltraGrav Ceramic Filter with Metalgon™ filter now has an upgraded media that can take out Fluoride and Heavy Metals. This filter will fit all gravity units.

  • Gravity Ceramic Replacement Filter

    Contaminants Reduction Results 
    Dirt, Sediment Removal 0.5 Microns >99.99%
    Bacteria, Parasites >99.99%
    Chlorine Removal @ 2 ppm >99%
    Chloramine Removal @ 3 ppm >99%
    Turbidity (cloudiness) 98%


    Fluoride and Heavy Metal Reduction

    Fluoride @ 0.8 ppb >97%
    Lead, Copper, Nickel >98%
    Aluminum, Iron, Mercury >98%**
    Pharmaceuticals >95%
    THMs (Trihalomethane's) >98%
    Herbicides >99%
    Nitrates >92%