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Total Home Water Filtration

Total Home Water Filtration System


If your household water is sourced from municipal water, chances are it is teeming with industrial chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, microorganisms and even pharmaceuticals.  Even well water cannot be considered safe.  Often there are warning signs like off taste, visible particles, or stains on plumbing fixtures. But many contaminants have no taste or visibility. That’s why you have to rely on a water quality expert.

We do it a dozen times a day... quenching our thirsts with large, cool glasses of water... fully unaware of what we are ingesting. The unpleasant truth is that water contaminants are increasing in concentration and toxicity. Gasoline additives, heavy metals, chlorine and its by-products, trihalomethanes and pharmaceuticals are now common in many residential water systems. The problem of water contamination is widespread. Scientists are concerned that decades of drinking and bathing in contaminated water will increase the incidence of many diseases. In an attempt to reduce the harmful effects of drinking tainted water, consumers have tried over-the-counter precautions like small faucet filters, pour-through pitchers and bottled water. These measures are simply no match for this level of contamination. Real protection requires a multi-barrier filtration system that can effectively eliminate even the smallest toxins from leaching into your drinking water— the kind of safeguards available only through Total Home Filtration Systems.​

Six Easy Steps That Will Bring a Continous, Healthy Flow of Crystal Clear Water Into Your Home

It’s not always possible to detect pollutants in your household water, but sometimes there are tell tale signs to look for. One clue is red or brown stains on sinks or fixtures. Is there white scale material on fixtures or cookware? And a sure tip-off is the presence of objectionable odors or tastes in your drinking water.

Before proceeding with a formal test analysis, request a recent water report from your water district. We can often obtain one for you, and if not, we can supply you with an independent laboratory test kit.  This comprehensive home water test will confirm the presence of bacteria, heavy metals, trihalomethanes, chemicals, pesticides and much more. You will receive the results in several weeks.


In addition to assessing your water reports, you’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire (see below). This will help us determine the extent of your contamination. We can then formulate a realistic strategy for alleviating the problems with your household water.  

Our experts will design a custom Total Home Water Filtration Plan that will address your water purification needs as well as your budgetary needs. A water quality specialist will discuss all of the available options, including system components, plumbing requirements and ongoing maintenance.

Every component of the Total Home Water Filtration System is tested and certified. Naturally, detailed schematic plans and instructions are supplied to aid professional plumbers through every phase of the installation process.

A service technician is available to answer questions you may have concerning installation or component operation. Periodically, we send maintenance reminders when the filters and tanks need periodic adjustment or replacement, and we can also offer financing for your Total Home Water System. Our 800 number offers quick and easy access, so call us, and let our water quality specialists help you make your home a clean water home.

Whole House Water Filtration Questionnaire

Please fill out this form so we can design a system that will be the most effective to reduce your water contamination.

Number of people in the household *

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Number of showers in use at the same time *

Source of water *

If municipal water - what is the name of your water utility company?

Size of your main water pipe *

Material of the main water pipe *

Do you have red or brown stains (rust) on any sinks or fixtures?

Do you have any white scale material on fixtures or pots? *

Are there any odors or tastes in your water? Is it present in both cold and hot water? *

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